• Ceremonial tidying
    William Burroughs’s way to keep a room neat was to tidy something every time you walked in. I apply this to my writing projects. I open the file containing my current writing project every day. Even if I don’t write anything, just reading the file keeps me connected. Try it.
  • Finding time for good writing
    As a freelance writer, I’m often given deadlines so tight it doesn’t feel I can really do justice to the brief. I have two choices: Meet the brief the best I can in the time allowed. Which often leaves me feeling I could have done better. Demand more time before… Read more: Finding time for good writing
  • Finding your story
    I’ve just read yet another piece on the importance of stories for business that doesn’t actually explain how to find and write that story. I prepared this for a client of mine recently: 1. Find your setting and characters and the context for your story.2. All stories need conflict: what’s… Read more: Finding your story
  • Fear of writing is your friend
    I was working with a client on a crafting a LinkedIn post this morning. We’re trying to find ways to make the posts express his real feelings and spark a genuine response in his audience. ‘Looking at an empty screen scares me,’ my client said. ‘I don’t know how I’m… Read more: Fear of writing is your friend
  • Writing without writing
    When you’re working on a writing project, open the file every day. Even if you don’t write anything. It’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. Makes me feel I’m always moving forwards.
  • The fashion for passion
    There are times when only the word ‘passion’ will do. It’s a shame it’s so overused its real meaning has trickled away. ‘Passion project’ is horrible too. Passion means being in a state of strong and barely controllable emotion. So if you’re passionate about, let’s say, sandwiches or rope, you… Read more: The fashion for passion
  • Firing commas
    I try to write sentences without using commas. It makes sentences read faster. When I feel like I’m sticking in too many commas, I know my writing is wriggling out of my control. But it’s always good to throw in a longer, more serpentine, sentence with a few clauses, for… Read more: Firing commas
  • In my experience #1: teamwork
    As a freelancer, I’m often told I’m part of a team. It’s a good feeling. But it’s only temporary. Even if I’ve been working for a client for years. Which is as it should be. When I first started out, I would feel a bit lost when a project or… Read more: In my experience #1: teamwork
  • Who am I?
    Welcome to my new website. I’m very proud of it. Thanks to my friends Jason Hyde, a designer with a golden eye, Matt Davis, rock-solid site builder and fine artist and illustrator Gabriella Kiss, the visual side of making this site was a doddle. Deciding how to present myself was… Read more: Who am I?

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