Who am I?

Welcome to my new website. I’m very proud of it.

Thanks to my friends Jason Hyde, a designer with a golden eye, Matt Davis, rock-solid site builder and fine artist and illustrator Gabriella Kiss, the visual side of making this site was a doddle. Deciding how to present myself was not so easy.

In the past, I haven’t felt comfortable including all aspects of my writing on one site. I figured potential copywriting clients would be put off by a page chronicling my obsession with Lou Reed.

Pondering this site, I realised that, whether it’s journalism or copywriting, all my writing begins in curiosity and ends in enlightenment – for me and my readers. And it’s all connected. It’s all me.

Spending years learning how to craft messages has made me a better journalist. Having to trust my judgement and dive into writing a magazine article to meet a tight deadline has made me unafraid of embarking on a book project.

Anyone who wants to work with me benefits from all my experience.

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