I’ve written nonfiction, children’s books and fiction and been a ghostwriter. I’m currently working on books about Lou Reed and Hungarian-American jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo. 


My nonfiction includes books about Zen gardens, mindfulness, and fishing. I’m also the co-author of The Healthy Office Revolution. This asked questions about offices and burn out, set out to find answers and offered a manifesto for the healthy office revolution.

‘Sober Living, Sex, And Surrender: What Yoga Taught Me,’ my deeply personal essay appeared in the collection Embodied Resilience Through Yoga.


As someone whose life was changed by punk in 1976, I thoroughly enjoyed writing a piece of a flash fiction for the book Love Bites: Fiction Inspired by Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks.

I’m also the author of two novels.

Children’s books and comics

The children’s books I’ve written are educational, covering subjects that include Hover Power, as well as stories. Prime Suspect  is a book and CD that gives children an insight into crime scene investigations. I also wrote and storyboarded a series of comics called Halfpipe Heroes about a gang of skateboarding kids who solved crimes.


I’ve ghostwritten a book on marketing communications in the cloud and Hasta La Flip Flops! the memoir of Mallorca club owner and legendary island face Louis O’Brien. I loved writing for Louis. God bless him.


The Healthy Office Revolution
Embodied Resilience Through Yoga
Love Bites
Learn About Hover Power
Hasta La Flip Flops!

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