‘Writing a memoir of my mother’s life with David’s help was an incredibly meaningful experience for me. David was encouraging, thoughtful, and interested in talking to me about my mother’s life. He suggested different themes, made substantive edits and gave constructive criticisms. At the same time, he never let me make changes that were not true to me or my writing. Without David, I could have never written the book.’


I offer one to one embodied writing coaching. Hundreds of people have benefited from my online yoga and writing DailyOM course The Secret Writing Mantra

My embodied writing coaching focuses on the connection between words, the body and the senses. I have coached writers who have completed novels and memoirs and become bloggers and journalists.

My online course

The Secret Writing Mantra was born of my own experience of discovering the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for all kinds of writing and my desire to share what I’ve learned. 

My course is based on a set of eight instruction videos scripted by me as well as written assignments which I created.

Coaching you

Coaching embodied writing and sharing what I’ve learned is especially fulfilling for me. If you’re serious about beginning to write or taking your writing practice in a different direction, I’d love to hear from you.

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